It's time to get your 'Game On' with AUSTSWIM SA


Are you a parent or caregiver returning to work or changing careers?

Are you over the age of 50 and wanting to keep active or change careers?

Join the subsidised ‘Game On” Program today and become an accredited AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety.
AUSTSWIM Teacher Accreditation + CPR qualification for only $120.00! Save $320.00!
Courses will be run in August, please register for dates and times near you.

How it works:

  1. Enrol and attend the subsidised AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Course at one of the below venues during weekdays and school hours.
  2. Be partnered with an AUSTSWIM accredited swim centre near you to complete your industry training.
  3. Complete all post-course requirements required to attain your AUSTSWIM Teacher accreditation.
  4. Become an accredited AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety!

The benefits of physical activity are far-reaching and extend beyond health and wellbeing alone

"Better physical and mental health and happier communities are some of the more positive impacts on society when people engage in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. In 2020, figures show that only 58% of our state’s population engage in the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week, with South Australians voicing a range of factors as a reason why they can’t be active.

In order to improve these figures, the South Australian Government has invested in Game On, a forward-looking framework that outlines a collaborative approach to ensure physical activity and play can fit seamlessly into the daily lives of South Australians. To meet the physical activity targets of Game On, the future of sport and recreation in South Australia must change.

Through better coordination between whole-of-government and sectors that play an enabling role in physical activity, Game On will reverse the levels of poor physical activity and increase movement opportunities across the state, leading to stronger outcomes in community wellbeing, liveability and economic productivity."¹

Game On Outcomes

Through the Game On initiative, eight key outcomes were identified which will enable both inactive and active South Australians to engage in more physical activity. These outcomes were:



The administration costs for each candidate have been heavily subsidised by AUSTSWIM, ensuring funds can be entirely used for the course content. Additionally, AUSTSWIM has negotiated a fantastic price for CPR with Surf Life Saving SA, leaders in education. For the first time, the CPR course is being included in the AUSTSWIM course timetable, saving time and money for the course attendees.


AUSTSWIM has designed this unique course to be within school hours, so you have time to do school drop-off and pick-up. Most of the venues also offer morning creche service which can be used by course attendees.

Some of the nation’s best Swim Teachers started as a result of a later-in-life career change. All you need to be a great instructor is a passion for educating and a love of swimming. Watching your class develop and grow in skill and confidence makes it one of the most rewarding phases of your career.

The courses are being delivered in small groups across shorter days. It is hoped this will encourage a strong group bond which will assist throughout their training and the commencement of their careers, ideally at their training venue. For this reason, we are not encouraging movement between courses however this can be reviewed in extenuating circumstances.

This unique course will have 6 hours of online learning for AUSTSWIM and 30 minutes of online learning for the CPR element. However, classroom and pool time learning is an essential requirement for training to be a Swim Teacher.

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Program Partners


AUSTSWIM wishes to acknowledge and thank the Government of South Australia - Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, for their ongoing support of the Game On initiative. 


¹Government of South Australia - Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (2020), Game On Report