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WETS Starter Pack #2

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JSP's Aqua Tips and Techniques #1 and #2

More backyard pool demonstrations delivered in a tried and tested manner. The concepts contained in this set of Tips and Techniques are:

  • Deep Water Jogging
  • Flutter Kick
  • Choreographed Warm-Up Routine
  • Gorilla Knee Touch Progressions
  • Having A Ball
  • Horizontal Core Activation
  • Jogging Variations
  • Line Concept
  • Rock n Roll Variation
  • Tricep Kickback Variation


We suggest that if you are instructing with music, you use only one concept per track. As always, the WETS Team encourage you to get in the water and try it out yourself first!

Join JSP in a backyard pool session and explore new, exciting concepts and alternative aqua moves. Learn easy to remember moves that are packaged into simple concepts that everyone can use. An aqua concept can best be described as a move or series of moves combined together to create a distinctive component of an aqua class. These components offer instructors simple, alternative and interesting ways to deliver aqua fitness.


The 12 concepts are:

  • Active Stretch
  • NEWS Concept
  • Aqua Dance
  • Progressions
  • Directional Progressions
  • Snappers
  • Dumbbell Ladders
  • Timed Exercises
  • Edga
  • Wall
  • Ladders
  • Wall NEWS



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