Access and Equity Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure AUSTSWIM endeavours to provide fair and equal access of its programs, to every individual including staff, presenters, third-party providers and candidates. AUSTSWIM is committed to upholding fairness and impartiality throughout its activities and will not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise the above. This policy also extends to the identification, access to and provision of information about learning, assessment and other support services offered to candidates to achieve the outcomes. 



AUSTSWIM’s CEO is firstly responsible to ensure that all areas of its operations are regularly reviewed and that the current Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, ISO/IEC 17024 (JAS- ANZ) and any other state-based funding contract obligations are met. The responsibility for implementing policy should become a routine part of all AUSTSWIM staff and course providers. 


Terms and Conditions

This policy applies to all current and prospective AUSTSWIM staff members, third-party providers and candidates.

Access and Equity principles are defined in this policy as:

  • Fair and equal access to appropriate education and support services for all individuals including staff, third-party providers and
  • Equity for all individuals through fair and appropriate allocation of
  • Equitable opportunity for all individuals without discrimination or
  • Increased opportunity for individuals to participate in training
  • These principles are supported by relevant state and federal legislation
Education and support services may include, but are not limited to:
  • Pre-enrolment
  • Equipment, resources and / or programs to increase access for learners with disabilities and other learners in accordance with access and
  • Learning resource
  • Flexible scheduling and delivery of training and
  • Counselling services or referrals to these services.
  • Information and communications technology (ICT)
  • Learning materials in alternative
  • Learning and assessment programs contextualised to the
  • Any other services that AUSTSWIM considers necessary to support learners to achieve competency.



AUSTSWIM is committed to providing a fair and equitable learning and working environment for all candidates, teachers, instructors and its employees. AUSTSWIM aims to provide training and assessment programs and pathways that allow equitable educational opportunities to all individuals through course design, course content, training environments and all aspects of training and assessment processes. Should candidates be experiencing a personal difficulty, AUSTSWIM will make every attempt to accommodate their needs within its capacity. If support for needs exceed AUSTSWIM’s capacity, candidates will be referred onto more appropriate external support services. 


Policy Guidelines

Access and Equiety

AUSTSWIM maintains the following business practices to support the principles of access and equity:

  • Communicating to all individuals the required standards included in policies, procedures and relevant legislation whilst engaged in training programs at AUSTSWIM. This includes information about the complaint resolution and appeals
  • Where possible, provide training and assessment services that are relevant, accessible, fair and inclusive, and inform candidates that AUSTSWIM will accommodate their learning
  • Identify and remove any barriers to access and
  • Implement reasonable adjustments as necessary to ensure delivery and assessment of training programs meets candidate’s individual needs.
  • Ensure all AUSTSWIM employees interact with all candidates, clients and stakeholders in a courteous, professional and non-discriminatory way.

Reporting Discrimination and Harassment

All existing and prospective candidates in training and other stakeholders of AUSTSWIM have the right to object to any form of discrimination, and to complain when it takes place. Refer to the AUSTSWIM Complaints and Appeals Policy here regarding information on the complaints process. All AUSTSWIM candidates, teachers, instructors and employees have the right to be treated fairly and to work or conduct their training in an environment free from harassment and / or discrimination and are offered support in learning as required.



Supporting Candidate Learning

Needs Identification

Candidates’ needs are identified upon entry into their course of study. Information to make this assessment is gathered through:

  • Discussion with the candidate prior to enrolment by gathering information about each candidate’s personal details inclusive of a candidate’s language and cultural diversity, disability and prior formal and informal learning undertaken throughout schooling or workplaces, and encouraging candidates to seek recognition for this through the RPL or Credit Transfer process if appropriate.


Reasonable Adjustment

AUSTSWIM recognises that not all candidates learn in the same manner and that with an amount of reasonable adjustment, candidates who may not learn best with traditional learning and assessment methods may achieve good results. AUSTSWIM will attempt to make reasonable and necessary adjustments to meet the needs of a variety of candidates.