AUSTSWIM Code of Conduct


Part 1 - Purpose and Background

For the purposes of this document, AUSTSWIM Representative(s) means:
  • Accredited AUSTSWIM Teachers
  • WETS Instructors
  • AUSTSWIM Presenters
  • Volunteers
  • AUSTSWIM Trainees
  • Conference speakers
  • Other representative(s)
Licence Holder(s) means:
  • Accredited AUSTSWIM Teachers and WETS Instructors only
Reference to AUSTSWIM in this Code includes:
  • Business Centres
  • Subagents
  • Course providers
  • Employees and
  • Officers
1. The AUSTSWIM Code of Conduct (Code) details conduct standards that AUSTSWIM Representatives must adhere to. Adoption of, and compliance with, the Code:
  1. encourages public confidence in aquatic education and activity;
  2. publicises AUSTSWIM’s expectations of its Representatives;
  3. shows that AUSTSWIM Representatives meet a robust standard of practice;
  4. benchmarks appropriate conduct in teaching swimming and water safety and instructing aquatic activities in Australia; and
  5. promotes and protects the reputation of AUSTSWIM.
2. Compliance with this Code is a condition of:
  1. AUSTSWIM trainees participating in AUSTSWIM training programs and workplace-based elements;
  2. ongoing accreditation of Licence Holders;
  3. AUSTSWIM Presenters and speakers at AUSTSWIM conferences; and
  4. volunteers and others representing AUSTSWIM.
3. AUSTSWIM Representatives agree to abide by and comply with this Code of Conduct, in addition to the terms within other AUSTSWIM regulations, policies and awards.
4. AUSTSWIM Representatives submit unreservedly to the jurisdiction of the AUSTSWIM Accreditation Committee who enforce and interpret this Code.

Part 2 - Standard of Conduct

5. AUSTSWIM Representatives must comply with each of the following standards; non-compliance is a breach of the conditions and requirements of AUSTSWIM accreditation and may result in loss, suspension, expulsion or non-issuing of accreditation.
6. An AUSTSWIM Representative must be, in the opinion of AUSTSWIM, a fit and proper person to discharge the duties and responsibilities and exercise the rights and privileges associated with AUSTSWIM accreditation and representation.
7. AUSTSWIM values the safe conduct of teaching swimming and water safety, aqua classes and aquatic programs conducted by accredited personnel.
AUSTSWIM Licence Holders must:
  1. maintain all relevant AUSTSWIM requirements including annual CPR update (and, in the case of the WETS Accreditation, First Aid);
  2. participate in regular professional development relevant to the Licence Holder;
  3. abide by established standards for aquatic facility safety;
  4. comply with all workplace health and safety laws in the relevant State or Territory;
  5. take all reasonably necessary steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of participants and colleagues;
  6. teach within the Licence Holder’s limits of competence as specified in the Licence Holder’s AUSTSWIM accreditation;
  7. not engage in swimming and water safety teaching or aqua instruction when adversely affected by drugs, alcohol or other substances or have a medical condition that may impact on their ability to abide by the Code;
  8. provide a balanced program of swimming and water safety or aqua instruction;
  9. adopt a non-threatening child-centred approach to swimming education that respects the rights of children and is appropriate for age, cultural background and experience;
  10. not utilise or endorse forced back floating and submersion techniques (or any technique determined to be such by AUSTSWIM); and
  11. provide a planned and sequential program of aquatic skill development based on individual participant needs.
Inappropriate dealings
8. AUSTSWIM requires representatives to maintain a professional, ethical and respectful approach to colleagues, participants, students, families and carers and to all other people they speak to or interact with while performing their role as an AUSTSWIM Representative. AUSTSWIM representatives must:
(a) utilise physical support to participants in a manner that respects the rights of the participant, facilitates learning or safe performance and is consistent with AUSTSWIM recommended teaching practices;
(b) undertake duties and actions in a respectful and professional manner. Any form of verbal, physical, sexual or emotional abuse or harassment or other inappropriate conduct is unacceptable and contravenes compliance with the code of conduct; and
(c) not use the influence of a teaching/instructing position to encourage inappropriate intimacy between an AUSTSWIM Representative and participants.
Equal opportunity and respect
9. AUSTSWIM functions in a non-discriminatory and respectful environment. AUSTSWIM Representatives must:
  1. not engage in discriminatory practices;
  2. comply with anti-discrimination laws in the relevant State or Territory;
  3. utilise appropriate knowledge, skill and understanding to plan and deliver programs and services that meet the needs of a diverse range of people who use the aquatic environment;
  4. modify and adapt teaching and instructing to cater for all people regardless of disability, medical condition, age or culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background;
  5. prevent any form of abuse between participants and report any allegation or disclosure of child abuse to the relevant authority; and
  6. ensure that all persons under tuition are treated with courtesy and respect irrespective of individual differences and needs.
Public perception
10. AUSTSWIM requires that all who represent the organisation, swimming and water safety classes, aqua instructing and the overall aquatic industry, do so in a professional manner, without bringing AUSTSWIM or the teaching profession into disrepute. AUSTSWIM Representatives must:
(a) act in a manner that is not unbecoming of an AUSTSWIM Representative or prejudicial to the objectives or interests of AUSTSWIM;
(b) behave professionally and accept responsibility for their words and actions;
(c) extend professional courtesy to other AUSTSWIM Representatives, colleagues, participants, students, families and carers and to all other people they speak to, or interact with while performing their role as an AUSTSWIM Representative; and
(d) only make public comments, including through social media, about AUSTSWIM that positively promotes AUSTSWIM.
11. AUSTSWIM requires compliance with the AUSTSWIM rules, guidelines, policies and directions. EveryAUSTSWIM Representative must:
(a) accept decisions made by AUSTSWIM regarding accreditation assessment results;
(b) conduct swimming and water safety lessons, aqua classes, AUSTSWIM courses and conference sessions in a manner that is consistent with AUSTSWIM values and guidelines;
(c) comply with AUSTSWIM guidelines and directives, including but not limited to guidelines relating to safety, class ratios, emergency procedures and duty of care; and
(d) abide by decisions made by the AUSTSWIM Accreditation Review Panel and Appeals Panel.
Working with Children legislation
12. It is a requirement of AUSTSWIM accreditation that Licence Holders are compliant with relevant State and territory Working with Children legislation, as far as is relevant to their employment. AUSTSWIM may, in its absolute discretion, revoke an AUSTSWIM licence, or refuse to issue a licence where:
  1. it reasonably believes that a Licence Holder has not complied with relevant State or Territory Working with children legislation; or
  2. the Licence Holder has lied to, misled or avoided advising AUSTSWIM as to their Working with Children status, or any aspects in relation to it; or
  3. disciplinary proceedings have been brought against the Licence Holder by an employer, sporting organisation or similar body, or a criminal conviction or finding of guilt for any sexual offence, offence relating to children or act of violence has been recorded.