Become an AUSTSWIM School of Excellence

The AUSTSWIM School of Excellence recognition acknowledges, encourages and supports excellence in aquatic training. This recognition assists in safeguarding the interests of participants who seek to engage the services of AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers. The recognition offers quality assurance to the wider community, by recognising and promoting swim centres that operate under strict industry guidelines and follow best practice.


Swim schools committed to providing quality aquatic education programs through the employment of AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers are eligible to be recognised under the AUSTSWIM Schools of Excellence.

The AUSTSWIM School of Excellence recognition is not a membership scheme but a badge of honour awarded to swim schools that employ teachers with the highest level of training across Australia.

AUSTSWIM Schools of Excellence have garnered a strong reputation and are increasingly sought-after by parents, caregivers and participants. Parents and participants can locate a quality swim school by using the AUSTSWIM School of Excellence locator.

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An AUSTSWIM School of Excellence recognition is valid for 12 months and has a quick annual renewal process. 

The AUSTSWIM School of Excellence recognition levels are as follows:

School of Excellence_Platinum

Previously GOLD level recognition, the newly named PLATINUM School of Excellence assures the community that all teachers hold a current AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence and the swim school has held an AUSTSWIM School of Excellence Premium recognition for a minimum of 5 consecutive years.                                 

School of Excellence_Premium

Previously SILVER level recognition, the newly named PREMIUM School of Excellence assures the community that all teachers hold a current AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence.
This is with the exception of current ASCTA accredited coaches who are employed for squads/coaching only and accredited aqua instructors employed for aqua classes only.  

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Previously BRONZE level recognition, the newly named STANDARD School of Excellence assures the community that has a preference for employing AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers. The teachers may still be working towards meeting the licencing requirements and may not hold an AUSTSWIM Licence. Regardless of qualifications held, all teachers meet the minimum requirements for training and assessment, as outlined in the RLSSA Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation.

Information For Parents and Caregivers

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Why choose an AUSTSWIM School of Excellence?

By choosing an AUSTSWIM School of Excellence, parents and caregivers have peace of mind knowing their child is at a swim school that employs AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers – the highest-trained Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety nationwide. AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers have undertaken world-class training, are fully insured and abide by a Code of Conduct in their day-to-day teaching.

Currently, there are no laws covering the requirement of water safety teacher training in Australia. To receive an AUSTSWIM School of Excellence recognition, every teacher must be trained to the highest standard.

AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers undertake training in early childhood development and appropriate skill development and are trained to nurture, motivate and enhance water safety knowledge.


What expectations should I have from a swim school?

Parents and carers should always check that a swim school has AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers, which is evident by the Accredited AUSTSWIM Teachers sticker. AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers abide by a Code of Conduct, hold current CPR certifications, a valid Working with Children Check and are covered by AUSTSWIM Licensed Teacher Insurance.
You should also expect that a swim school promotes an environment that is welcoming, appealing and safe. All activities should provide a positive contribution to your child’s physical, psychological, social and emotional growth. Participation in aquatic activities should be a pleasant educational experience where children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and never be pushed into water activities before they’re ready.
Swimming and water safety lessons should include water familiarisation activities, water safety education, skill acquisition and parent involvement/education. Additionally, each activity should be appropriate for a child’s age, development, and ability.


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AUSTSWIM recommends a program that encompasses:


Inquiry and


Diversity in aquatic environments.


Water safety skill with swimming strokes.


Move in a range of body positions through water.

Parents can use the AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars for assessing and selecting a quality program for their children – where knowledge, skill and understanding forms a central focus for learning.


Water awareness and familiarity gained by experience and education.


The learned ability to successfully participate in water activities.


Gain insight and good judgement in and around aquatic locations.



I am an AUSTSWIM School of Excellence

The AUSTSWIM School of Excellence hub is the hub for useful information relating to swim schools and the benefits AUSTSWIM provides.

As the National body for the Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety in Australia, we advocate for the sector and help it to grow and improve by providing tools, resources, education and connections.


Resources and Policies

Our Guidelines are devised by industry stakeholders in a consultative and transparent process and represent the collective opinion of the aquatics industry and a range of expert personnel across Australia.

Local government, education departments, teachers and consumers can be confident that AUSTSWIM-trained and accredited educators meet the highest standards to foster safer aquatic participation.

This information centre contains application forms and material relevant to AUSTSWIM teachers, presenters and recognised swim schools.