AUSTSWIM Training Courses

AUSTSWIM Training Courses are designed for Australians who are passionate about teaching water safety and saving lives. Each course is specifically developed to educate the next generation of swimming teachers, and help to ensure the safety of students across Australia.

In a world-first, AUSTSWIM has been accredited against ISO/IEC 17024 for how our organisation accredits and licences AUSTSWIM Teachers. This positions our teachers above the rest and helps to ensure that an AUSTSWIM accreditation provides safer swimming and water safety lessons for students everywhere.


There are a vast range of AUSTSWIM courses available, with many containing units of competency which are nationally recognised as a part of the Registered Training Organisation (TOID: 104975).

Diversify your career opportunities and join Australia’s best swimming teachers with the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety accreditation. AUSTSWIM Licenced Teachers have water safety experience that is second-to-none, helping to empower people and encourage active lifestyles.



The base level accreditation for becoming a swimming and water safety teacher:

AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety (TSW)



Once a swimming and water safety teacher has gained the base level accreditation, extension courses can be undertaken to grow knowledge and experience and gain an additional accreditation that recognises the new skills gained.

AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics (INF)

AUSTSWIM Teacher of Aquatics - Access and Inclusion (TAI)

AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults (AD)


AUSTSWIM Teacher of Towards Competitive Stroke (TCS)
- No certificate of attainment


Become An AUSTSWIM Teacher Of Swimming And Water Safety (TSW) – Australian Residents

The accreditation of AUSTSWIM Teachers is not only recognised in each state and territory of Australia, but also in many countries overseas. This puts you in the best position to find employment at the end of your course and opens up many opportunities across the country.

The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety (TSW) course is the benchmark for candidates looking to begin a career as a Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety. The purpose of this entry course is to provide the knowledge and information required to professionally deliver swimming and water safety programs and services to a diverse range of people who use aquatic environments. This is the base accreditation that you must gain before you can attempt any of the AUSTSWIM specialist extension courses.

Upon completion of all the course requirements, candidates will be accredited with the AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence which is valid for three years. The course includes vocational education and training requirements, plus non-accredited training requirements which have been specifically designed by AUSTSWIM. This is the industry standard for Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety.

The TSW course is designed to enable candidates to understand how to engage and interact directly with a diverse range of students in a way that makes a difference to our communities.

course TSW

COST: $345 - $560
2 Day at course plus e-learning
and in industry experience

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The benefits

Working as a teacher of swimming is a great way to get active, help others and enjoy a good work-life balance. The major benefits of an aquatics career include, but are not limited to:

Flexible hours

Teaching swimming is usually a casual job and therefore you aren’t bound to any permanent hours. This will allow you to have the flexibility to keep in touch with your family and friends or work around other commitments. Swimming lessons usually run in the evening from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.

Working with children

For many people, working with children is an extremely positive experience. Children are honest, creative, full of energy and will keep you on your toes. You can learn a lot from children and gain new perspectives on life.

Job satisfaction

Teaching a person and watching them develop over time as a more confident swimmer is one of the many benefits of becoming a Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety. Being a swimming teacher gives you countless opportunities to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Many of our successful teachers consider this one of the most rewarding jobs around.

Public speaking skills

The role involves talking to a range of different people which will allow you to naturally develop strong public speaking skills and your overall confidence.

Benefits of working at a pool

Working at a pool or leisure centre means that you’ll have access to the facilities on offer. From free pool access to gym access, you’ll be able to keep on top of your own fitness. You will also develop customer service skills, various soft skills, technical computer knowledge and be able to use point of sale software.




AUSTSWIM accreditation is an ideal way to diversify your career opportunities and be a part of the most widely recognised and supported swimming and water safety network in Australia.

By becoming a teacher-in-training, AUSTSWIM will give you all the knowledge and resources necessary to better provide your community with swimming and water safety skills. We take great pride in helping candidates teach the principles and practices of water safety to their communities, creating a safer Australia – all while having fun.

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Resources and Policies

Our Guidelines are devised by industry stakeholders in a consultative and transparent process and represent the collective opinion of the aquatics industry and a range of expert personnel across Australia.

Local government, education departments, teachers and consumers can be confident that AUSTSWIM trained and accredited educators are meeting the highest standards to foster safer aquatic participation.

This information centre contains application forms and material relevant to AUSTSWIM teachers, presenters and recognised swim schools.