AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults (AD)

The following information is relevant to people who are interested in becoming an AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults.

As one of the benchmark courses for teaching adults swimming and water safety in Australia, the  AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults course is highly regarded by employers nationwide. This course will allow you to build on your current skills and develop the expertise needed to deliver programs and services to Australian adults. You will be at the forefront of swimming and water safety for adults, and give them the skills needed to use the aquatic environment in a safer way.

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  • Specialist Industry Qualification
  • Essential competencies to teach the adult swimmer including adults who have never learnt to swim, adults who have a fear of water, adults who are inefficient swimmers, adults who want to improve their swimming fitness and performance
  • Automatic licence extension from completion date valued at up to $255
  • $20m Complimentary Teacher Insurance Valued at $100 per year (terms apply)
  • Increased Employment Opportunities
  • Hard Copy Training & Resource Manual valued at $55
  • Ability to be nominated for The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults State and National Award
  • World leading ISO 17024 Certification

If you hold a current AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence and are looking to specialise in educating adult swimmers – this course is for you.

Not only will you put yourself in a favourable position for future employment and career diversification, the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults course will give you the expertise to help others by teaching adults the most needed skills for safer interactions with the water.

The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults course aims to provide AUSTSWIM Teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach adult learners. Adult learners range from those who have never had the opportunity to learn to swim, to those who wish to improve their skills, fitness and overall swimming performance.  

This course will assist swimming teachers in facilitating an increased participation of adults in learn-to-swim programs, so they can enjoy the many activities that are available to them in the various aquatic environments.

Candidates in Australia:

  • Must be an Australian or NZ Citizen, or hold an appropriate VISA allowing the candidate to undertake education. Please note: AUSTSWIM is not a CRICOS provider and cannot enrol students on an international student visa.

  • Must provide their valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number at the time of enrolment for verification by AUSTSWIM. A USI is a reference number required by the Commonwealth statutory office (Student Identifiers Act 2014) and is obtained from the USI Registrar.

For more information and to create a USI, visit the USI website.


Candidates in Australia and New Zealand:

Must provide a current Working with Children Check (WWCC). Although this is not expressly required before enrolling, it must be provided prior to commencing industry training.

Please follow the link to find the individual requirements for your state, territory or country. There may be exceptions for under 18s in some locations.

Click Here to view our Child Protection and Working With Children Check Information.


All Candidates:

  • May enrol in an AUSTSWIM course at 16 years of age. However, candidates will not be eligible to receive the AUSTSWIM accreditation until they are 17 years of age.

  • Are required to have a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability to perform the required aquatic skills.  

  • Are required to have access to a computer and the internet to access the online modules outside of face-to-face training.  

This interactive course is delivered in a blended format, consisting of theory and practical components.  

It requires attendance at a face-to-face training session over a full day and the successful completion of an online interactive component. Candidates are also required to complete supervised industry training in a swim teaching environment in a range of teaching conditions.

The course consists of theory and practical components:

  1. Theory component – topics may be offered through classroom attendance or selected topics via AUSTSWIM’s e-learning centre.

  2. Practical component – involves swimming activities that may be carried out in shallow or deep water.

Candidates have 12 months to complete their training for all AUSTSWIM courses unless otherwise stated. This means the completion and submission of all assessments within 12 months of commencing the course.

The course consists of approximately eight contact hours (theory and practical), plus practical observation, supervised teaching hours and assessment.

The topics include:

  • Why teach adults to swim?

  • Understanding the nature of the adult swimmer.

  • Health, medical and safety issues.

  • Warm up, flexibility and stretching for the adult swimmer.

  • The different types of adult swimmers.

To receive your AUSTSWIM Accreditation, the following additional requirements need to be submitted:

  • Completed Teacher Declaration: agree to abide by the AUSTSWIM Code of Conduct.

  • Completed brief online course evaluation.

  • Evidence of holding a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) statement of attainment.

  • Click Here to see further information on CPR Requirements.

  • An endorsed photo for AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence.

Upon successful completion of all course requirements, candidates will receive the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults accreditation and as a result be issued the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults Licence.

Note:  When you complete an AUSTSWIM extension course, your AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence will be automatically renewed for a further three years from the date when the extension licence is issued. If you complete your AUSTSWIM course after the initial 12 months, or your AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence has previously expired, your licence may be subject to backdating.

Who is covered?

All employed and volunteer AUSTSWIM Licenced Teachers and contract* AUSTSWIM Licenced Teachers while engaged by a swim school.

You must be a resident of Australia or Singapore* and the holder of a current AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence issued in Australia.

In addition, the policy will cover an Australian resident while working in a swim teaching role overseas.  

How much am I covered for?

  • $20Million Public Liability any one occurrence  

  • $20Million Product Liability any one occurrence  

  • $10Million Professional Indemnity Insurance any one claim and in the aggregate

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The AUSTSWIM Accreditation is the industry benchmark. It is underpinned by the learnings of over 40 years of training and in excess of 360,000 teachers. AUSTSWIM training courses are delivered using the following 3 key areas:


AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars

The AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars form a framework that clearly and succinctly defines and describes swimming and water safety. They form the foundation for AUSTSWIM's core business and community focus. The AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars involve an impact throughout our organisational spectrum, industry, government and community, to ensure quality for accreditation and education. The standard is high; we are committed to implementing an effective structure and process to reduce drowning, the impact of aquatic accidents and strive for safer swimming and water safety.

Click Here to see information on the AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars.


AUSTSWIM Standards

The AUSTSWIM Standards are a quality framework/system that has been thoroughly researched and specifically designed and developed by the AUSTSWIM Standards Working Group, in consultation with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. The AUSTSWIM Standards link to the accreditation and licencing which surrounds AUSTSWIM training and the further development of a Standards Toolbox.

Click Here to see information on the AUSTSWIM Standards.


AUSTSWIM Philosophy

The word ‘philosophy’ is of Greek origin and means ‘love of knowledge'. When this term is used in relation to aquatic education, it refers to accepted ideals and beliefs about the teaching of swimming and water safety. As many as five per cent of Australian adults are unable to swim – when teachers are planning an Adults program, AUSTSWIM encourages them to see the participant as the main focus of the program. 

Click Here to see AUSTSWIM's Mission, Vision, and Values.


Click Here to view AUSTSWIM's Code of Conduct.

The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults course contains NO units of competency.

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Further Your Training

AUSTSWIM has a variety of development opportunities available for AUSTSWIM Licenced Teachers. These courses are designed for you to further your training and increase your employability. As an AUSTSWIM Teacher, you also have the option to undertake further accredited courses and professional development workshops or partake in forums, conferences and seminars.  


AUSTSWIM offers a range of courses including:

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety  

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics  

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Aquatics- Access and Inclusion  

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes  

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults

  • WETS Aqua Instructor Course  

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