I am an AUSTSWIM Teacher in training

AUSTSWIM is passionate about saving lives and educating the next generation of swimming teachers. By becoming an AUSTSWIM Licensed Teacher, you will gain valuable experience in water safety, enjoy an active work environment and empower people with the confidence to feel safer in, on and around water.
AUSTSWIM accreditation is an ideal way to diversify your career opportunities and be a part of the most widely recognised and supported swimming and water safety network in Australia.
By becoming a teacher-in-training, AUSTSWIM will give you all the knowledge and resources necessary to better provide your community with swimming and water safety skills. We take great pride in helping candidates teach the principles and practices of water safety to their communities, creating a safer Australia – all while having fun.
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AUSTSWIM provides AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers with significant opportunities to further their training and learn new skills, through additional accredited courses, professional development workshops, conferences, seminars and forums.

These opportunities ensure that you have all the skills necessary to give Australians the competency and confidence they need to be safer in, on and around water – well after you have completed the AUSTSWIM Licensed Teacher training program.

AUSTSWIM offers a range of courses, including:

AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Aquatics – Access and Inclusion
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Aquatics – Access and Inclusion
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Competitive Strokes
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults
AUSTSWIM Teacher of Adults
WETS Aqua Instructor Course
WETS Aqua Instructor

FAQ - AUSTSWIM Training Courses

It is not a prerequisite to complete CPR before enrolling, however, we do recommend that candidates hold this certificate before undertaking on the job or any in-pool training. To reach accreditation, the AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence cannot be issued without a current CPR certificate.
You can complete your in-pool hours once you have finished the two-day AUSTSWIM course at one of our training facilities, and have proof of your CPR qualification. We will then assist you with in-pool hours for your accreditation. 
All candidates should wear comfortable clothing for the theory sessions and bring a drink bottle.
For the practical in-water sessions, you will need to bring suitable swimwear, a towel and goggles.
Everyone learns at a different pace and has a varied background in both swimming and working with children. For this reason, the time it takes to become competent ranges from person to person.
We recommend completing your practical supervised teaching hours as soon as possible following the two-day AUSTSWIM course. This assists in achieving your in-pool hours and allows you to better retain information.

Resources and Policies

Our Guidelines are devised by industry stakeholders in a consultative and transparent process and represent the collective opinion of the aquatics industry and a range of expert personnel across Australia.
Local government, education departments, teachers and consumers can be confident that AUSTSWIM-trained and accredited educators meet the highest standards to foster safer aquatic participation.
This information centre contains application forms and material relevant to AUSTSWIM teachers, presenters and recognised swim schools.