Access and Equity Procedure


AUSTSWIM is responsible for ensuring that all Candidates, staff, presenters, assessors, and stakeholders under the provision of its accreditation and certification process are treated fairly and on an equitable basis. In the event of an AUSTSWIM employee, supplier, family member of an employee/presenter or any other party that may create a potential threat towards impartiality, AUSTSWIM will undertake all possible safeguarding activities necessary to ensure impartiality and eliminate conflicts of interest. 

As AUSTSWIM undertakes both training and certification functions, its processes are independent of each other and are designed in a way that confidentiality, information security and impartiality will not be compromised. 


Access and Equity

AUSTSWIM communicates to individuals, the principles of access and equity using the following mediums: 

  • Enrolment information
  • AUSTSWIM Candidate Information Guide (published on AUSTSWIM’s website)
  • Consumer Protection Policy
  • AUSTSWIM code of conduct
  • Access to AUSTSWIM policies and procedures
  • Presenter Handbook
  • Third-Party Operating Guide
  • AUSTSWIM Staff Handbook
  • Code of Practice (published on AUSTSWIM’s website)


Support Services

AUSTSWIM will assist all Candidates in their efforts to complete their courses. If a Candidate is experiencing any difficulties with their studies AUSTSWIM would recommend support options including but not limited to;

  • additional course resources,
  • scheduling of a new course date for an initial assessment or reassessment,
  • aligning the Candidate to an industry contact and ICT support or support from another AUSTSWIM staff,
  • Mentoring from appropriately qualified presenters including their email contact
  • Classes, tutorials and workshops – these may be optional depending on the Candidate’s course of study (Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)).
  • Additional training sessions, catch-up sessions and tutorial sessions will be provided at times outside of the main classroom The presenter will be available on these additional times.
  • Candidates who are identified with LLN issues, language barriers and other learning difficulties, the presenter will provide additional assistance as required and record the Candidates’ progress as required.
  • Candidates who have been identified at ‘risk’ where they are /or appear to be at jeopardy of not completing their studies/course, or not completing their studies/course within the course duration on the training plan. These Candidates will be offered additional tutorial sessions, if they are unable to maintain their original timeframes the Candidate may change to another group and their course duration will be adjusted accordingly.

AUSTSWIM will ensure that the full resources of AUSTSWIM are made available to ensure that the Candidate achieves the required level of competency in all courses.

Should Candidates be experiencing a personal difficulty, AUSTSWIM will make every attempt to accommodate their needs within its capacity. If support for needs exceeds AUSTSWIM’s capacity, Candidates will be referred to more appropriate external support services [see below].


AUSTSWIM does not enrol Candidates under the age of 16, and will not issue the initial Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety accreditation until the Candidate is at least 16 years of age.



Additional Support Services 

AUSTSWIM recognises that all people learn differently and acknowledge that some Candidates may require additional support. Additional support will be provided for any Candidates experiencing:

  • disability and access issues;
  • language barriers;
  • language, literacy and numeracy issues;
  • financial difficulties:
  • Any other issues that may affect their ability to achieve their training goals

Where there is perceived difficulty in achieving learning goals, an AUSTSWIM staff member, third-party provider or presenter will discuss these issues with the Candidate. The Candidate will be provided with information about possible alternative pathways, additional tools, and resources available, and options and choices for accessing a supportive network. The information provided will vary depending on the individual needs of the Candidate. 


Should Candidates require additional support throughout or prior to their course are advised to alert AUSTSWIM or the presenter who will endeavour to offer them practical answers to most of the questions and challenges faced by Candidates in relation to their training and/or career or refer them to an appropriate internal or external service if required.


AUSTSWIM will respect Candidates' right to privacy. Any information disclosed will remain strictly confidential. Please refer to AUSTSWIM's Privacy Policy.


Reasonable Adjustment

AUSTSWIM will make any reasonable and necessary adjustment to meet the needs of a variety of Candidates.

Reasonable adjustment may mean:

  • Making training resources and methods accessible;
  • Adapting physical facilities, environment and/or equipment;
  • Making reasonable changes to the training and assessment strategies; and
  • Making reasonable changes to the way evidence for assessment is

Wherever possible, presenters and assessors after consulting with the Business Centre Managers; will make reasonable adjustments to training and assessment processes to ensure that all people are treated equally in the assessment process and that no person is disadvantaged due to a disability, any language and literacy issues, language barriers, cultural issues or any other individual needs related to the assessment.

Assessment processes may be reasonably adjusted to accommodate the following, but not limited to these, groups:

  • Candidates with English as a second language;
  • Candidates with language, literacy, or numeracy difficulties;
  • indigenous Candidates;
  • Candidates with sensory impairments; and
  • Candidates with physical or intellectual

 Delivery of the course and assessment is tailored to individual Candidate needs. AUSTSWIM endeavours to assist Candidates achieve the required competency standards where it is within our ability.


Reporting Discrimination and Harassment

All existing and prospective Candidates in training and other stakeholders of AUSTSWIM have the right to object to discrimination in any form, and to complain when it takes place. Refer to the AUSTSWIM Complaints and Appeals Policy here regarding the information on the complaints process.