AUSTSWIM Committee - Confidentiality Deed

As a member of an AUSTSWIM Committee I acknowledge and agree to:

  1. in accordance with the Committee Terms of Delegation and in the course of my duties on this Committee, I will be given Confidential Information about, or concerning AUSTSWIM;
  2. all Confidential Information* I have or am provided with in regard to AUSTSWIM belongs to AUSTSWIM;
  3. I will not sell, transfer, assign, license, lend, part with possession or permit anyone else to use any part of the Confidential Information (whether in electronic or hard copy) other than as expressly set out in this deed or in the Committee Terms of Delegation;
  4. at all times I will keep the Confidential Information absolutely confidential and I will not directly or indirectly disclose the Confidential Information to other parties or use it for my personal gain;
  5. I will not use the Confidential Information other than for the discharge of my duties as a member of the Committee;
  6. my obligations under this deed will continue for so long as such information is confidential, whether I remain a committee member or not; any breach of my obligations under this deed could adversely affect AUSTSWIM and the AUSTSWIM Board may remove me from the Committee as a result;
  7. if requested by the AUSTSWIM Board, I must deliver or destroy on demand all documents and materials which contain Confidential Information (whichever is requested); and this deed does not prevent me from obtaining appropriate professional advice on matters associated with my involvement with AUSTSWIM or the Committee and which may require me to disclose Confidential Information to such a professional adviser.

*Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to:
  • any document or information received or created by me in the course of my involvement with AUSTSWIM or the Committee; and

  • which is not publicly available; and

  • which relates to AUSTSWIM, the Committee, AUSTSWIM Council or AUSTSWIM strategic activities or discussions, its operations, processes and techniques including, but not limited to facts, matters, documents or files about the proceedings of the Committee meetings, the legal and financial affairs of AUSTSWIM and information about members of AUSTSWIM.

Confidential Information will not include information that is required to be disclosed by law or is generally available in the public domain except where it is the result of disclosure by me in breach of this deed or my obligations to AUSTSWIM or the Committee generally.

I understand and agree to the Terms of Delegation.