AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars

AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars involve and impact throughout our organisational spectrum, industry, government and community as a framework to ensure quality for accreditation and education. The standard is high; we are committed to implementing an effective structure and process to reduce drowning, the impact of aquatic accidents and strive for safer swimming and water safety.


Knowledge Skill Understanding
  • Aquatic Information
  • Personal Competence
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Experience


  • Water Safety
  • Diversity of body shape and movement
  • Acquisition based on practice and ability
  • Propulsion
  • Thought and Inquiry
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Consequence
  • Empowerment


Government and Industry

Use AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars as a:

  • Standard of swimming and water safety education
  • Measure of community competence for safer aquatic participation
  • Benchmark minimum standard for population education in swimming and water safety

Program Managers

Learning Pillars are utilised as a framework by Program Managers for:
  • Swimming and Water Safety program curriculum
  • Teacher development
  • Program marketing and promotion
  • Raising community awareness of essential learning elements in aquatic education


Use AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars as a framework for:
  • The development of lesson activities and lesson plans
  • Guiding and supporting students
  • Learning and development toward safer aquatic participation
  • Quality competency assessment

Parents and Participants

Parents use AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars as a:

  • Tool to assess and select quality programs for their family
  • A guide to learning elements in swimming and water safety education
Participants receive the benefit of AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars through:
  • Knowledge – water awareness and familiarity gained by education and experience
  • Skill – the learned ability to competently participate in water activities

AUSTSWIM Course Candidates

AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars provide candidates with a framework in pathways for
learning and accreditation:

  • Clearly defined learning outcomes
  • Specific and defined standards for certification, accreditation and licensing
  • Clearly defined framework for workplace based training elements

AUSTSWIM Assessors

Learning Pillars provide AUSTSWIM Assessors with a framework for:

  • Competency assessment of course candidates
  • Declaration and confirmation of suitability, appropriateness and readiness as an AUSTSWIM Teacher in the specific area of study

AUSTSWIM Presenters

Learning Pillars are utilised by AUSTSWIM Presenters in:

  •  The presentation of course information and learning activities
  •  Assessing learning outcomes
  •  Attesting to the competency of course candidates
  •  Declaration of suitability and appropriateness as an AUSTSWIM Teacher in the specific area of study


Learning Pillars provide a framework for comment, standard and review in the monitoring, tracking, recording and assessment of AUSTSWIM Resources, Presenters, Candidates, Teachers and other personnel associated with training and competency assessment.