AUSTSWIM Marketing Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure AUSTSWIM maintains high, consistent and ethical standards for all marketing activities, including those pertaining to training and assessment making sure that AUSTSWIM’s vision “Safer enjoyment of aquatic environments” is clearly understood by all candidates as well as the AUSTSWIM stakeholders.



AUSTSWIM’s CEO is firstly responsible to ensure that all areas of operations are regularly reviewed and adhere to the current Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and the ISO IEC 17024. The CEO is responsible for the implementation of this policy and the General Manager Education and Communication is responsible for the management and compliance of this policy. The Marketing Manager is responsible for the implementation of the AUSTSWIM style guide for marketing / advertising materials as applicable.


Terms and Conditions

AUSTSWIM may market and advertise its products and services through the following marketing channels:
  • Websites – including the AUSTSWIM website and any other sites where AUSTSWIM is referred

  • Brochures or other hard copy/digital

  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and

  • Online directories.

  • Online advertisements – Google

  • Advertising – newspaper, radio and

  • Any marketing by its Third-Party Providers that relates to AUSTSWIM or to any training and assessment that AUSTSWIM



This policy marks the first stage of AUSTSWIM's candidate life cycle. AUSTSWIM ensures the information provided to candidates about its services, courses, and nationally recognised units of competency delivered is currently accurate and factual, regardless of whether the information is provided by AUSTSWIM, its third-party providers, online directories, brokers/agents or other third parties. 
All information clearly distinguishes between non-recognised training and nationally recognised training (accredited training and non-accredited training). AUSTSWIM’s marketing information will enable informed choices for candidates by ensuring the information is detailed, accurate and complies with consumer protection laws.
AUSTSWIM’s advertising is factual and ethical and does not misrepresent AUSTSWIM’s training and assessment, products and other services in any way in accordance with the Registered Training organisations (RTO) standards 2015.
  • Guarantee that a candidate will successfully complete the training product they are enrolled

  • Guarantee that a candidate will be issued with a statement of

  • Guarantee any employment outcome as a result of training and / or assessment unless guaranteed employment has been arranged.

Course information provided prior to enrolment specifies information about the course including fees, terms and conditions, rights and responsibilities in line with Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. Refer to the AUSTSWIM Website, Terms and Conditions, Candidate Information Guide and Enrolment Form.

AUSTSWIM will obtain prior written permission from any person or organisation used as a source of comment, testimonial or picture using the AUSTSWIM Talent Release Form for any marketing and/or other material and AUSTSWIM will always abide by the conditions of that permission.