School of Excellence

Swim School of Excellence Code of Practice

1. Objective of this Code:

To promote the values of AUSTSWIM by:

  1. Encouraging public confidence in aquatic education.
  2. Publicising AUSTSWIM's expectations of swimming and water safety teachers.
  3. Demonstrate that AUSTSWIM Recognised Swim Centres are expected to abide by a code of practice.
  4. Providing a benchmark for appropriate behavior for the owners and operators of AUSTSWIM Recognised
    Swim Centres.
  5. Promoting the participation of all Australians in safe and enjoyable swimming and water safety programs
    conducted by qualified personnel.

2. Application

In this Code:

Owner or Owners mean:

  1. where the Swim Centre is owned by an individual in their personal or sole trader capacity, that individual;
    a) where the Swim Centre is owned by a partnership, the individuals comprising that partnership; or
    b) where the Swim Centre is owned by an incorporated legal entity, the Directors and Officers (as defined in
    the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) of that incorporated legal entity.

    Operator or Operators mean:

    a) the Chief Executive Officer (or equivalent position/s) and Chief Operating Officer (or equivalent position/s)
    of the Swim Centre; and
    b) the Manager or Managers (or equivalent position/s) of the Swim Centre; and
    c) the Swim School Manager or Managers (or equivalent position/s) of the Swim Centre.
  2. This Code applies to:
    i. all Owners and Operators of AUSTSWIM Recognised Swim Centres;
    ii. all AUSTSWIM Teachers employed by AUSTSWIM Recognised Swim Centres; and
    iii. all staff of the Swim Centre and the swim school located at the Swim Centre.
  3. Acceptance of this Code is a condition of AUSTSWIM Recognised Swim Centre accreditation.
  4. All Owners, Operators and AUSTSWIM Teachers of an AUSTSWIM Recognised Swim Centre agree to abide by this Code, in addition to the terms of all other AUSTSWIM regulations, policies and awards.
  5. All Owners, Operators and AUSTSWIM Teachers submit unreservedly to the jurisdiction of the Accreditation Committee who will enforce and interpret this Code.
  6. Any reference to AUSTSWIM in this Code includes its business centres, sub agents, employees and officers.

3. This Swim Centre has agreed to:

  1. Swim Centres with a BRONZE Level AUSTSWIM Recognition must employ a majority of, and have a preference for employing AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers™. All teachers employed, must hold as a minimum the requirements for training and assessment as outlined in the RLSSA Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation (GSPO PR1 section 5.3) and be working towards meeting the licensing requirement of the guideline. Go to to gain access or view guideline at Please note: AUSTSWIM conduct random verification checks.
  2. Swim Centres with a SILVER or GOLD Level AUSTSWIM Recognition must employ only AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers™ who hold the appropriate AUSTSWIM Accreditations to teach swimming and water safety programs.
  3. All teachers employed, regardless of training background, must teach within the AUSTSWIM Guidelines relating to safety, class ratios, emergency procedures and duty of care. Refer to the AUSTSWIM website for a copy of relevant guidelines.
  4. Offer where appropriate, opportunities for Supervised Teaching Experience to trainee AUSTSWIM Teachers™.

4. This Swim Centre has further agreed to:

  1. Abide by established standards for aquatic facility safety.
  2. Display the AUSTSWIM logo and other promotional material provided by AUSTSWIM as part of this Swim Centre Recognition Scheme – ideally visible in the entry/foyer of the facility.
  3. Promote and deliver only safe and enjoyable aquatic activities.
  4. Show concern for the health, safety and welfare of participants and colleagues.
  5. Enhance water safety knowledge while developing swimming, water safety and survival skills.
  6. Provide a planned and sequential program of aquatic skill development based on individual participant needs.
  7. Provide equity of access for learning swimming, water safety and survival skills
  8. Ensuring that all persons partaking in swimming and water safety education programs at the Swim Centre are treated with courtesy and respect deserving of all people, irrespective of individual differences and needs.
  9. Refrain from any discriminatory practices by treating everyone equally.
  10. Represent AUSTSWIM and the swimming and water safety teaching industry in a professional manner.
  11. Extend professional courtesy to staff, industry colleagues, participants and parents.
  12. Not engage in any conduct (or permit any staff of the Swim Centre) to engage in any conduct which is:
    a) Contrary to the provisions of the AUSTSWIM Constitution, by-Laws or any resolution or determination of AUSTSWIM;
    b) Unbecoming of a recognised AUSTSWIM Swim Centre or prejudicial to the objects and interests of AUSTSWIM or teaching swimming and water safety generally; or
    c) Likely to, or has bought, AUSTSWIM or teaching learn to swim and water safety into disrepute.

5. Standards of behavior for Owners and Operators of AUSTSWIM Recognised Swim Centres

  1. Each individual Owner and Operator of the Swim Centre must be, in the opinion of AUSTSWIM, a fit and proper person to discharge the duties and responsibilities and exercise the rights and privileges associated with their role as Owner or Operator of an AUSTSWIM recognised Swim Centre.
  2. It is a requirement of AUSTSWIM Swim Centre Recognition that each individual Owner and Operator of the Swim Centre is and remains, in the opinion of AUSTSWIM, a fit and proper person for the purposes of clause 5a). For the avoidance of doubt, AUSTSWIM may, in its absolute discretion:
    a) revoke a Swim Centre's AUSTSWIM Swim Centre Recognition;
    b) choose not to issue AUSTSWIM Swim Centre Recognition to a Swim Centre; or
    c) choose not to renew a Swim Centre's existing AUSTSWIM Swim Centre Recognition, where it believes that any one or more individual Owner or Operator of a Swim Centre is not a fit and proper person for the purposes of clause 5(a).
  3. In determining whether an individual Owner or Operator is a fit and proper person for the purposes of clause 5(a), AUSTSWIM may take into account any factor it considers relevant, including but not limited to the following:
    a) an Owner or Operator's criminal history;
    b) any disciplinary proceedings brought against an Owner or Operator by an employer, sporting organisation or similar body; and
    c) any complaint received by AUSTSWIM from any person.