Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics (International)

Course Overview
The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics course is aimed at those with a desire to teach students aged from six months to four years of age.
This course will give you the skills needed to safely introduce parents and children to the water, plus educate parents in quality supervision of children when in, on and around water. This will also help to enhance bonding between children and parents in the aquatic environment.
AUSTSWIM Licensed Teachers will learn to approach infant aquatic education from a developmental philosophy – respecting the personal, physical and cognitive needs of infants and young children. These teaching methods include developing skills that are highly transferable to other areas of employment, putting teachers in a great position going forward. 
As a teacher, you will play an important role in educating the community on the importance of gaining swimming and water safety skills. You will help children and their families to understand the principles and practices of water safety. You will be expected to develop programs and use teaching methods that are appropriate for the learners’ stages of development and reflect the physical, social, emotional and intellectual competencies of infants and preschool children. 
This program will allow children to develop water confidence through participation in a range of safer and more enjoyable aquatic activities. In this course, play, exploration and encouragement will aid the development of basic swimming and water safety skills.
*Please note: Accreditations gained Internationally are not valid in Australia. For further information, Candidates may contact AUSTSWIM International at austswimint@austswim.com.au
Please be advised that completion of TSW - Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety is a prerequisite for enrolling in any of our extension courses.

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  • Specialist Industry Qualification 
  • $20m Complimentary Teacher Insurance Valued at $100 per year (terms apply) 
  • Ability to teach children from 6 months to 4 years of age
  • Increased Employment Opportunities
  • Ability to be nominated for the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics State and National Award
  • Online Training & Resource Manual
Candidates in Australia: 
  • Must have completed the AUSTSWIM TSW - Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety course as a prerequisite for enrolling in any of our extension courses.
  • Must be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or hold an appropriate visa allowing the candidate to undertake education. Please note: AUSTSWIM is not a CRICOS provider and cannot enrol students on an international student visa.
  • Must provide their valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number at the time of enrolment for verification by AUSTSWIM. A USI is a reference number required by the Commonwealth statutory office (Student Identifiers Act 2014) and is obtained from the USI Registrar. 
For more information and to create a USI, visit the USI website.  
Candidates in Australia and New Zealand: 
Must provide a current Working with Children Check (WWCC). Although this is not expressly required before enrolling, it must be provided prior to commencing industry training.
Please follow the link to find the individual requirements for your state, territory or country. There may be exceptions for under 18s in some locations. 
All Candidates:  
  • May enrol in an AUSTSWIM course at 16 years of age and are eligible to receive the AUSTSWIM accreditation at 16 years of age.  
  • Are required to have a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability to perform the required aquatic skills.
  • Are required to have access to a computer and the internet to access the online modules outside of face-to-face training.   
This interactive course is delivered in a blended format, consisting of theory and practical components.
It requires attendance at a face-to-face training session over a full day and the successful completion of an online interactive component. Candidates are also required to complete supervised industry training in a swim teaching environment with a range of teaching conditions.  
The course consists of theory and practical components: 
  1. Theory component – topics may be offered through classroom attendance or selected topics via AUSTSWIM’s e-learning centre. 
  2. Practical component – involves swimming activities that may be carried out in shallow or deep water. 
Candidates have 12 months to complete their training for all AUSTSWIM courses unless otherwise stated. This means the completion and submission of all assessments within 12 months of commencing.
The course consists of approximately 8-14 contact hours (theory and practical), plus supervised on the job teaching hours. The topics for this course include: 
  • Philosophy of infant and preschool aquatics 
  • Early childhood development 
  • Teacher, parent and child relationships 
  • Health, hygiene and water safety 
  • Water familiarisation 
  • Aquatic skill development 
  • Plan, deliver and review a lesson 
To receive your AUSTSWIM Accreditation, the following additional requirements need to be submitted:
  • Completed Teacher Declaration: agree to abide by the AUSTSWIM Code of Conduct.  
  • Completed brief online course evaluation.
  • Evidence of holding a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) statement of attainment.
  • An endorsed photo for AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence. 
Upon successful completion of all course requirements, candidates will receive the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics accreditation and, as a result, be issued the AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence.
The AUSTSWIM Accreditation is the industry benchmark. It is underpinned by the learnings of over 40 years of training and in excess of 390,000 teachers.
AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars 
The AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars form a framework that clearly and succinctly defines and describes swimming and water safety. They form the foundation for AUSTSWIM's core business and community focus. The AUSTSWIM Learning Pillars involve an impact throughout our organisational spectrum, industry, government and community to ensure quality for accreditation and education. The standard is high; we are committed to implementing an effective structure and process to reduce drowning, and the impact of aquatic accidents and strive for safer swimming and water safety.

AUSTSWIM Course Terms and Conditions  
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AUSTSWIM Candidate Information Guide  
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