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AUSTSWIM is excited to introduce the AUSTSWIM Assessor Online Module. This module has been specifically designed to guide teachers through all aspects of the AUSTSWIM Assessor role, which is to assess the teaching competency of trainee AUSTSWIM teachers after they have gained an appropriate amount of experience under the supervision of their Training Supervisor/s.

In order for AUSTSWIM Teachers to be eligible to assess a trainee teacher’s competency, they are required to undertake and complete this Online Module.

The Online Module is free of charge and gives AUSTSWIM Teachers an automatic 2 hours of professional development towards their Teacher licence renewal (minimum requirements are required to apply). 

AUSTSWIM is very appreciative of the enormous contribution of the Assessors, who volunteer their time to assist candidates through to completion of their licence. 

Click here to apply to become an AUSTSWIM Assessor. 

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