Automatic AUSTSWIM Teacher Insurance FAQ's


Effective from the 1st March 2012 AUSTSWIM added a further benefit for AUSTSWIM Licenced Teachers. The insurance coverage is automatic for all current AUSTSWIM Licenced Teachers.  The insurance is automatically renewed when you renew your AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence.  

Click here to download further information on what you need to know about AUSTSWIM Teacher licence insurance or have a quick look at the FAQ's below.


Automatic Insurance Cover FAQ's


  • 1. Who Is Covered?

  • 3. Why is the insurance that is included with an AUSTSWIM Licence so important?

  • 2. Does the insurance cover me if I work or volunteer overseas

  • 4. How much am I covered for?

  • 5. How long am I insured for?

  • 6. Could you please explain what the different insurances are?

  • 7. I work as an Employee. Why do I need this insurance?

  • 8. What is the ultimate aim of this insurance program?

  • 9. Pool Owners, could there be gaps in your insurance program or in fact exclusions that you are not aware of:

  • 10. I am teaching infants, people with disabilities, however I haven’t as yet obtained the relevant Extension qualifications. Does this insurance cover me?

  • 11. What should I do if I think I might need to make a claim?

  • 12. What if I am also a Swimming Coach?


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