AUSTSWIM Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) AUSTSWIM Teacher- Licence Expired over 3 years

AUSTSWIM provides Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), as a pathway for accreditation for AUSTSWIM Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety who have an expired licence (over 3 years).   The process detailed in this form is applicable for

  • Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety
  • Teachers of an AUSTSWIM Extension Accreditation (AD, INF, TAI, TCS)

To be eligible for the AUSTSWIM RPL teachers must:

  • Demonstrate competency in aquatic skills and knowledge
  • Successfully complete AUSTSWIM accreditation requirements

Three Step Process to AUSTSWIM Accreditation and Licence

Step 1.
Complete the enrolment form, indicate the course you wish to attend and pay the applicable fee.

Step 2. 
Attend Day 1 of the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety course and successfully complete areas of study that include:

- Lesson planning and practical delivery
- Rescue Competencies and the Continuous Aquatic Sequence

Step 3.
Complete the following post course requirements:

  • Online theory assessment, this includes agreeing to and signing confirmation of your willingness to abide with and commitment to:
    • The AUSTSWIM Declaration
    • The AUSTSWIM Teachers Code of behaviour
  • Complete the workplace based training element
  • Undertake practical teaching assessment (with an AUSTSWIM registered Assessor)
  • Submit a current photo ID for inclusion on your licence
  • Provide copy of current CPR award

AUSTSWIM RPL Process – Extension Accreditations

Assessment elements are also required if you have previously held an extension accreditation as a AUSTSWIM Teacher of;

  • Adults (AD)
  • Infants and Preschool Aquatics (INF)
  • Access and Inclusion (TAI)
  • Competitive Stroke (TCS)

Your assessment will consist of an on line study and exam component.

For Further Information

Please call AUSTSWIM on 1300 885 666 or contact your local business centre



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