Teacher Benefits

AUSTSWIM Teacher Recognition Scheme

The AUSTSWIM Teacher recognition is a recognition scheme for aquatic industry professionals who have supported the notion of a qualification scheme by maintaining their AUSTSWIM teacher licence over a period of time. Currently 20 and 30 year badges are available.

If you or someone you know have held an AUSTSWIM qualification for 10 or more years and have not yet received recognition please click here to download the application form and attach a copy of your AUSTSWIM certificate to verify our records.

Benefits FINAL

Additional benefits of becoming an AUSTSWIM Teacher

  • Career Pathway
  • Teacher Insurance
  • The support of a dedicated chaplain - Sports Chaplaincy Australia
  • Broadest availability of courses across Australia
  • Range of Professional Development and Conferences (8-9 p.a.) across Australia and internationally
  • E-Learning course components and online short courses
  • Translated course content in simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Indigenous Australian content
  • ISO/IEC 17024 for how we train, accredit and licence AUSTSWIM Teachers in Australia. This gives the community further assurance that AUSTSWIM Teachers have the highest accreditation benchmark in aquatics and that AUSTSWIM is committed to providing quality education to reduce drowning, the impact of aquatic accidents and strive for safer swimming and water safety.
  • Standardised presenter training, to ensure consistent quality delivery of AUSTSWIM courses

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