AUSTSWIM Knowledge Network 

The AUSTSWIM Knowledge Network is designed to bring AUSTSWIM Teachers together to share knowledge and discuss both challenges and solutions on a range of subjects on an ongoing basis.

The AUSTSWIM Knowledge Network is not professional development, it is more! It is a platform to share and exchange ideas, while building your personal and professional networks. 

Knowledge networks are a great way to empower communication and collaboration and for AUSTSWIM to be able to engage with, and support AUSTSWIM Teachers and their educational journey.

The combined knowledge of over 30,000 teachers is a truly powerful thing.

The benefits of participating in the AUSTSWIM knowledge network are

  • sharing knowledge and experience with professionals and leaders in the industry
  • accessing professional networks that are valuable for their work
  • participating in the conference or global discussions
  • accessing information of value for their professional work
  • discovering solutions for the problems and exchanging ideas

AUSTSWIM Knowledge Network Events 

Thursday 9 July (2pm EST)

Foundation Skills: Understanding their Importance in a Student’s Journey - Webinar 
Katrina Scarpin
AUSTSWIM Presenter and Splash Swim Soar, Swim School Owner

Do you realise the importance of foundation skills when students start their journey in swimming and water safety lessons?  Take a step back and look from a different angle. It’s not enough to teach them aquatic skills, they must have the knowledge, skill and understanding to be able to make decisions that could affect their life and that of others. Ensure your students are getting the best start (or restart) to their aquatic journey by joining Katrina.

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Thursday 23 July (2pm EST)

Maximise It! - Webinar 
Marcelle Renforth Frederick
AUSTSWIM Presenter and Aquatic Education 

Specific, planned and quality teaching strategies are essential to ensure time on task is maximised. Students thrive in an environment that target their individual learning needs. Join Marcelle as she discusses strategies to maximise engagement whilst learning a skill for life. Being safe in, on and around water.

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Thursday 6 August (2pm EST)

Teaching to Change Lives! - Webinar 
Joy Symons
AUSTSWIM Presenter and Director of "Aqualification & Fitness"

We all have that one teacher we connected with who continues to drive us to be the best AUSTSWIM Teacher we can be. Students build their strengths and discover their talents with a teacher who understands not only what to teach but HOW to teach. More than the typical learning styles, there are different teaching methods based in psychology to assist increased learning outcome. It’s time to extend your knowledge on some simple psychological teaching methods to make your teaching memorable. What we teach saves lives, but we also have the ability to change lives.  

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