AUSTSWIM Knowledge Network 

The AUSTSWIM Knowledge Network is designed to bring AUSTSWIM Teachers together to share knowledge and discuss both challenges and solutions on a range of subjects on an ongoing basis.

The AUSTSWIM Knowledge Network is not professional development, it is more! It is a platform to share and exchange ideas, while building your personal and professional networks. 

Knowledge networks are a great way to empower communication and collaboration and for AUSTSWIM to be able to engage with, and support AUSTSWIM Teachers and their educational journey.

The combined knowledge of over 30,000 teachers is a truly powerful thing.

The benefits of participating in the AUSTSWIM knowledge network are

  • sharing knowledge and experience with professionals and leaders in the industry
  • accessing professional networks that are valuable for their work
  • participating in the conference or global discussions
  • accessing information of value for their professional work
  • discovering solutions for the problems and exchanging ideas

AUSTSWIM Knowledge Network Events 

Thursday 22 October (2pm EDST)

Learning to Survive

Learning water safety and self-rescue skills is really about learning how to apply these aquatic skills for survival. With the variety of aquatic environments in Australia, we must provide our students with a toolbox filled with a wide range of aquatic skills, knowledge and understanding so learners know which aquatic skills to apply for different survival situations. Join Nina to explore how to best introduce your students to a wide variety of aquatic skills to help them decide what needs to be applied for survival

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Thursday 19 November (2pm EDST)

Breaststroke - Keep it Simple

Breaststroke is often the stroke students spend a lot of time trying to grasp. It takes time and coordination to conquer this stroke. Teachers can assist this process by chunking the different components with simple drills and using equipment to help students understand each individual aspect of the stroke. Join Susan as she shares her secrets with you to have your breaststroke classes flowing and students leaping forward.

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Thursday 10 December (2pm EDST)

Overcoming Adult Barriers

The adult learner has a range of differences from our younger students. Teachers must consider adults will come with their own set of barriers. However, helping adults overcome these barriers is rewarding for an AUSTSWIM Teacher. Have your questions ready and join Petrina as she shares her passion for teaching adults with her AUSTSWIM family of teachers.

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