AUSTSWIM now includes the Aqua Instructor Course as part of their extensive suite of training. 

If an AUSTSWIM teacher expands their aquatic career pathway by becoming accredited in the following areas, their current licence is automatically renewed

  • WETS Aqua
  • Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety (TSW)
  • Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics (INF)
  • Teacher of Aquatics Access and Inclusion (TAI)
  • Teacher of Towards Competitive Strokes (TCS)
  • Teacher of Adults (AD)

What a good idea

The AUSTSWIM Aqua Instructor training under the AUSTSWIM banner will be instrumental in addressing the skills shortage in this area and expanding the vibrant aqua industry.

AUSTSWIM encourages aquatic activity for all community members and is committed to proactively addressing the strategies within the Australian Water Safety Council's (AWSC) drowning prevention plan. Creating opportunities for more aqua professionals addresses the key priority within the AWSC Strategy 2012-2015.

Due to ongoing demand for aqua instructors, AUSTSWIM answers the call for trained professional, licenced and insured aqua instructors.

Who is the AUSTSWIM Aqua Instructor Course designed for?

  • AUSTSWIM Teachers
  • Group Fitness/Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Participants interested in becoming qualified as a AUSTSWIM Aqua Instructor

Regardless of prior qualification or attributes, candidates receive the necessary knowledge, skill and understanding to plan and deliver effective, safe and enjoyable aqua classes.

Committed candidates can now train to gain competency in the delivery of Aqua for mainstream participants.

Make an AUSTSWIM difference - become a AUSTSWIM Aqua Instructor


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