Is the AUSTSWIM Aqua Instructor Course for me?

Leading aqua classes can be fun and rewarding, but it might not be the right fit for every teacher or instructor. Read through the statements below. If you can answer with a resounding YES, the WETS Aqua Instructor Course could be just the right career pathway you have been looking for.

  • I love physical activity.

  • I have been an aqua participant on a regular basis.

  • I have confidence to lead a group of people from pool deck in public.

  • I am comfortable with the AUSTSWIM presenter videoing my performance and providing detailed feedback throughout the 3 day course.

  • I am committed to booking in a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the course commencing and completing all the pre course work before attending.

  • I am willing to read and consider carefully all the FAQ's before enrolling.

WETS Aqua Instructor Course - Before Enrolling/FAQs

WETS Aqua Instructor - At the Course

  • Q. What am I required to do prior to attending the face-to-face component of the WETS Aqua Instructor Course

  • Q. Will there be additional study time before and after the course?

  • Q. What’s involved in the theory sessions at the course?

  • Q. What will I be doing in the WETS Aqua Instructor Course practical sessions?

  • Q. What’s included in the basic water safety rescues?

  • Q. What happens if I fail to complete all the pre course work prior to attending?

  • Q. Will I have to participate in any industry training?

WETS Aqua Instructor Course - After the Course

  • Q. Do I need to be registered and/or insured before working?

  • Q. Are there other qualification requirements prior to instructing?

  • Q. Will I be employable after successfully completing the course?

  • Q. Once qualified, will my qualification allow me to teach classes to specific population groups such as children and people with disabilities?

  • Q. Can I get an extension if I don’t complete all requirements within 12 weeks?

  • Q. If I am an AUSTSWIM teacher will this automatically renew my licence?

  • Q. What will I need to do in order to keep my AUSTSWIM WETS Aqua Licence current?


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