AUSTSWIM helps teachers gain the foundation they need to provide safe aquatic education, enabling them to provide families and communities with skills that will continue to make a positive impact on their lives for generations to come.

The AUSTSWIM Teacher License is recognised as the industry standard for swimming and water safety teachers in Australasia.

AUSTSWIM Aotearoa was established in 2014 as the New Zealand branch of the Australasian Council for the Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety (AUSTSWIM) following industry demand and growth in the number of courses and candidates.

Whakatauki  (Maori proverb, sayings that reflect the thoughts, values and advice of past generations)

Ka ora pea i a koe, ka ora koe i au.

  • I survive because of you, and you survive because of me.  It is essential that the survival of the people is through each member of the tribe, otherwise, the way that you work and teach others ensures the capacity for them to survive, eg in the water.

Ka kī te puku, ka ora te tangata. 

  • Literally translated means "When the stomach is full, a person is satisfied and well".  in this concept it is about the skills that you teach is food that provides the skills to satisfy the people.EndeavourCommunityLogo



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