Given the ever-changing landscape across the world around COVID-19, it is essential to provide clarity on some questions where we can. We have put together information to assist you with the situation, as we want to support you as best as we can in your journey to becoming an AUSTSWIM teacher.

These FAQ’s provide transparency on the current situation relating to becoming a Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety and the impact the virus is having on our service and organisation. Our Teachers both accredited and in training; our recognised swim centres; the continuation of courses, accreditations and licensing are all impacted. These may not cover all areas of concern and will undoubtedly change as this situation evolves and new information comes to light. We have broken them up into various categories, so please read thoroughly as our classification definition may be different from yours. Our intent is how to keep you informed and able to continue learning in alternate methods while the industry is in a period of uncertainty. The aquatic industry is a strong and vibrant one. A critical component is the passion, skill and commitment of swim teachers.

As with all the information circulated through the different channels, it is all open to interpretation and adaptation. This information is a general guide for our AUSTSWIM family. Our advice is to conduct a thorough and robust risk assessment of your circumstances to ensure this applies to you. in many cases, it is non-applicable.

To our future AUSTSWIM Teachers and candidates in progress, welcome to the family and congratulations on taking your first step into the aquatics industry. You no doubt, have many questions as to what the future holds.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly on 1300 885 666 and a member of our team will handle your query personally.

Stay safe in, around and on the water.

Current as of March 20 2020

Covid-19 FAQ'S Current Teachers in Progress

  • Q: I am currently doing my industry training and the pool is closed where can I do this and what happens if I can’t find a pool within the 12month time frame?

  • Q: What is social distancing, and will it impact my ability to complete my course requirements?

  • Q: What is AUSTSWIM doing to support me during this time?

  • Q: When are swim centres going to re-open?

Covid-19 FAQ'S General

  • Q: Is ‘Soak It Up’ 20 Conference Series still going head?

  • Q: When are swim centres going to re-open?


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